Filament Brand: ZIRO

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Material Count Min Avg Max Avg
PETG 1 $15.99 4.4 / 5.0
PLA 55 $13.75 $20.26 $33.74 4.4 / 5.0
All 56
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Material Count Min Avg Max Avg
PLA 76 €17.99 €23.11 €29.99 4.3 / 5.0
PLA-W 1 €24.99 4.3 / 5.0
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Review Analysis

Last updated: April 12, 2024. This is an AI-generated analysis of user reviews available on Amazon marketplaces. The final text is always reviewed by a human. Do you notice any issues or mistakes? Would you like to share your experience as well? Lets talk!


ZIRO brand PLA filament generally receives positive feedback in terms of customer satisfaction based on the comprehensive analysis of Amazon reviews. The filament is appreciated for its quality, variety of colors, and good print results. However, there are noteworthy mentions of inconsistencies with certain spools, inconsistencies in filament diameter, and occasional issues with clogging and snapping, which points to potential quality control improvements.

Positive Aspects:

  1. High Ratings: A large percentage of reviews are 5-star, suggesting overall good user satisfaction.
  2. Print Quality: Numerous customers report excellent print quality, dimensional accuracy, and aesthetic appeal in finished products [#1, #2].
  3. Variety of Options: ZIRO offers a wide range of colors and types of PLA, including matte, neon, and translucent options, which are highly appreciated by users for their vibrant and true-to-description appearance [#2, #3].
  4. Supplementary Features: Some products come with additional features like cleaning filaments and airtight storage bags, which are considered thoughtful and useful by the customers [#4].

Negative Aspects:

  1. Inconsistency in Quality: Some spools are reported to have issues with tangling, snapping, and clogging, which could indicate inconsistent quality across the product range [#5, #6].
  2. Dimensional Accuracy Issues: There are reports of filament diameter not being accurate as advertised, leading to extrusion problems during printing [#5].
  3. Packaging Issues: Complaints about poor spool winding and packaging that leads to tangling and extrusion problems [#7].

Detailed Observations:

  • Filaments like the ZIRO Matte PLA and High-Speed PLA generally received good reviews for their finish and functional properties in 3D printing [#8, #9].
  • Issues with filament snapping, particularly in the middle of large prints, were noted which could disrupt long-duration printing projects [#10].
  • Users pointed out the need for careful temperature adjustments to achieve the best results, suggesting a possibility of variability in filament tolerance [#11, #12].

Recommendations for Users:

  • Experiment with temperature settings: Given the feedback on different temperature requirements for optimal printing, it could be beneficial for users to do tests on smaller prints to determine the ideal temperature settings for each filament type before committing to larger projects.
  • Store filaments properly: To prevent moisture uptake and other storage-related problems that could affect print quality, make use of the airtight bags provided and consider using desiccants.
  • Monitor prints actively: Considering reports of tangling, it may be wise for users to monitor their prints more actively, at least until they can verify that the filament spool is defect-free.

ZIRO brand PLA filament offers compelling choices for 3D printing enthusiasts due to its broad color selection and extras. However, users should be aware of potential quality inconsistencies and may need to perform additional optimizations for the best results.