Filament Brand: DURAMIC 3D

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PETG 12 $12.00 $17.87 $18.99 4.4 / 5.0
PLA 27 $13.99 $24.38 $28.99 4.6 / 5.0
All 39
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Review Analysis

Last updated: April 18, 2024. This is an AI-generated analysis of user reviews available on Amazon marketplaces. The final text is always reviewed by a human. Do you notice any issues or mistakes? Would you like to share your experience as well? Lets talk!


The analysis of the Duramic 3D brand's PETG and PLA filaments, based on various user reviews, reveals a mixed opinion. While many users are content with their purchase, highlighting positive aspects like easy adhesion, smooth finishes, and durability, there is a significant portion of feedback pointing to issues such as filament tangling, poor layer adhesion, and variability in quality across different spools. Notably, certain specific colors or types tend to perform differently, suggesting possible inconsistencies in manufacturing or quality control.

Positive Aspects

  1. Good Quality on Successful Prints: Many users have reported that when the filaments print well, they produce strong and durable objects with smooth, clean finishes [#1, #2].
  2. Variety of Colors with Good Finish: Users appreciate the array of colors available and have mentioned that the colors are vibrant and true to the description [#3, #4].
  3. Environmental Consideration: The brand has been praised for using cardboard spools, which are seen as more environmentally friendly compared to the traditional plastic spools [#5, #6].

Negative Aspects

  1. Inconsistency in Filament Quality: A recurring theme across reviews is the inconsistency in quality. Some spools work perfectly, while others cause significant printing issues such as clogging and poor adhesion, suggesting variability in production standards [#7, #8].
  2. Problems with Specific Colors or Types: Certain colors and types of filament like Metallic or Glow in the Dark have been particularly problematic, often requiring special settings or failing to meet expectations entirely [#9, #10].
  3. Customer Service and Quality Control Issues: Several users noted poor experience with customer service when addressing their issues, and quality control seems to lack, which could be critical for user retention and satisfaction [#11, #12].

Detailed Observations

  1. Adhesion Issues: Many users report issues with bed adhesion especially with certain colors like Silver and Glow in the Dark. This often requires adjustments in printer settings which may not be ideal for all users [#13].
  2. Moisture in Filaments: There are indications that some spool may contain too much moisture, which affects the print quality drastically. Users suggest using filament dryers, but it remains a concern [#14, #15].
  3. Spool Winding Issues: Poorly wound spools leading to tangling and ultimately print failures have been a significant concern, suggesting perhaps a review of the winding process could be beneficial [#16, #3].

Recommendations for Users

  1. Trial before Deadline: Test new spools immediately upon receipt so that any issues can be addressed within the return window.
  2. Use Filament Dryers: Given the prevalence of moisture issues, users might consider investing in or using filament dryers before printing, especially for sensitive filament types like PETG.
  3. Calibration and Settings Adjustments: Be prepared to tweak printer settings specifically for Duramic filaments and possibly keep separate profiles for different colors or types for optimal results.
  4. Contact Support Promptly: Engage customer service swiftly about any issues. Document problems thoroughly to help them understand and potentially resolve the issues.

Through this comprehensive review, users considering Duramic 3D filaments can better gauge how these products might perform for their specific 3D printing needs, tailoring their approach to mitigate common issues noted by the wider community.