Filament Brand: MIKA3D

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ABS 2 $16.00 $32.74 $49.48 4.3 / 5.0
PC 1 $112.45 4.5 / 5.0
PLA 73 $13.33 $27.98 $74.00 4.3 / 5.0
PLAP 1 $15.99 4.3 / 5.0
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Review Analysis

Last updated: May 21, 2024. This is an AI-generated analysis of user reviews available on Amazon marketplaces. The final text is always reviewed by a human. Do you notice any issues or mistakes? Would you like to share your experience as well? Lets talk!


The MIKA3D brand of 3D printing filaments appears to have a mixed reception across various filament types (ABS, PLA, PLAP). With the majority of reviews being positive, common praises include good adhesion, vibrant colors, and reliable printing results. However, consistent issues reported include poor adhesion, brittleness, incorrect color descriptions, and clogging of printers.

Review Statistics

  • 8,251 Global Ratings
  • 5 stars represent 69%
  • 4 stars 14%
  • 3 stars 7%
  • 2 stars 4%
  • 1 star 7%

Positive Aspects

  1. Good Price: Numerous users noted the reasonable pricing as a key positive aspect [#1, #2].
  2. Vibrant and Unique Colors: Many reviews highlighted the attractiveness and uniqueness of the color offerings [#3, #4, #5].
  3. No Clogging: Some users reported no issues with clogging, which is significant for smooth printing [#2, #5].
  4. Durable Prints: Certain filaments reportedly produced tough, high-impact strength prints [#2, #6].
  5. Consistent Quality: Positive feedback also mentioned consistency and reliability in printing [#7, #8].

Negative Aspects

  1. Brittle Filament: Multiple reports of brittleness, making the filament challenging to work with [#9, #10, #11].
  2. Adhesion Issues: An array of users faced adhesion problems, both on the print bed and between layers [#12, #13].
  3. Erroneous Colors: Frequent complaints about the actual filament color not matching the advertised pictures [#3, #14].
  4. Unsealed or Poor Packaging: There were issues related to packaging, with some filaments arriving unsealed or improperly wound on spools, leading to tangled and unusable filament [#15, #16].
  5. Glowing Filaments Not Working: Users noted that glowing filaments did not perform as expected, either not glowing at all or not changing colors correctly [#17, #18].

Detailed Observations

  1. Stringiness and Temperature Sensitivity: PLA filament in particular was sensitive to temperature settings, causing prints to be stringy and requiring higher temperatures to work properly [#19].
  2. Customer Service Experiences: One user received a replacement set at no charge which suggests good customer service in that instance [#20].
  3. Packaging Complaints: Reports of improperly sealed or damaged rolls. Some users noted tangled spools leading to fails [#15].
  4. Adhesion Variability: Mixed reports on adhesion where some filaments needed higher or specific bed and extruder temperatures [#21, #22].
  5. Mixed Bicolor PLA Performance: Bicolor filaments got praised for aesthetics but required frequent drying to avoid issues [#23].

Recommendations for User

  1. Filament Drying: Due to reported brittleness and breakage, especially for multi-color filaments, regularly dry the filament before use.
  2. Temperature Adjustments: Be prepared to tweak temperature settings. For finely detailed work or special filaments, careful calibration of bed and extruder temperatures might be required.
  3. Verify Sealed Packaging: Ensure the filament is properly vacuum sealed upon arrival. Unsealed filaments may result in printing issues.
  4. Small Prints Caution: For color-changing filaments, be aware that color transitions might not be evident in small prints, as the transition length can require larger print